USA: Republican Presidential Candidates’ Debate, Iowa

If you missed it, here is the video of the full debate between the candidates competing to win the Republican Party’s electorate’s nomination, as that party’s official candidate in the presidential elections of November 2012. Indeed, the presidential primaries* are already in full swing – well, in the Republican party, at least. Barack Obama, notwithstanding the voices to the contrary, has his Democratic Party nomination all but assured, which is normal for an incumbent president. This of course does not preclude the apparition of counter-candidates, but the Democratic field is fairly empty right now. In the other major American party, however, the waters are frothy, the piranhas are out, and are fully engaged in the battle; so much so, that some candidates have already dropped out (Tim Pawlenty), and there are good chances that a few others will join the fray.

* The presidential primaries are a way of selecting who will be the official candidate of a given party in the general elections for the position of US President. Unlike in most other political systems, in the US, as a result of a gradual process that lasted about 150 years (and achieving its current form around the middle of the twentieth century), generally speaking it is the members of each party who have the power to select the party’s candidate (nominee) in the elections, and not the hierarchy of that party.


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