What is this blog?

This blog is dedicated to following and interpreting political events around the world, from a comparative politics perspective. Although our attention span is global, politics in Europe benefit from a closer look; at the same time, events in American politics are not neglected either.

Understanding how politics works in a specific place requires an understanding of the expectations and assumptions of the given society. Politics is not an abstract reality, but something done by ordinary human beings, in a specific place, responding to concrete challenges, with ways of understanding and acting shaped by previous experiences, by the available institutions, and by the models available around them.

This blog does not have any party political affiliations, but tries to understand political life in different countries, as it happens. At the same time, an analysis of political events inherently involves value judgments; these values, however, are not shaped by party affiliation, and the priority for this blog is, first and foremost, to understand. This is not a partisan political blog.

Although looking at things from the perspective of comparative politics, thinking about the nature and limits of politics (in other words, political philosophy) is implicit to any serious discussion about politics, and thus to our discussions as well.


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